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Water damage claims are covered by most homeowner and commercial insurance policies, though in some cases, they are covered by flood insurance. Getting a professional public adjuster to accurately assess the damage will help your claim get the maximum payout.

A water disaster can happen anytime, anywhere. Generally the occurrences are sudden and unexpected and the damages are often very difficult to detect depending on the specific nature of the loss. It has been widely reported in the insurance industry that the most frequent type of loss is from water. Events such as frozen pipe leaks, broken pipes, leaks from appliances, sewage backup, water entering from an opening in roofs and other elevations of a building due to heavy rain are typical water losses that are covered under most risk property policies.

Get the maximum payout for your water damage claim

For those who have had no prior experience in handling an insurance claim, the policy language can be very confusing at best. To receive fair compensation for a loss, it is advantageous to have an experienced claims public adjuster advising you as the method for adjusting such losses can be highly technical and impact the way the settlement is determined.

We handle all types of water damage claims including:
  • Refrigeration appliance leaks
  • water damage mold clean up claim
  • Sewage overflow or backup
  • General plumbing mishaps | Kitchen Plumbing leak Claim
  • Bathroom Mold Removal Water damage
  • Roof leak water damage
  • Roof leaks / Ceiling leaks
  • Ceiling damage
  • Sewer Line Damage
  • Water heater bursts
  • Broken drain lines
  • Broken supply lines
  • Broken angle stops
  • A/C Unit leak
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