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Another common result of water damage is a damp, humid smell that is often occupied by visible evidence of mold. If you’ve recently discovered mold in your house, don’t wait for the problem to persist. Structures that are dampened by water damage are in ideal conditions for mold growth. This causes an unmistakable, wretched, and musty odor that is difficult to ignore.

With today’s advanced technology, there are sophisticated machines that can classify, evaluate and identify the specific type of mold that has claimed residence in your home. In order to totally eradicate the mold it must be totally removed. All this will be paid by your insurance carrier.

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If the treatment requires you and your family to vacate the premises for a few days, your insurance carrier will pay “loss of use” which is a reimbursement for any money you might have to pay for renting a temporary residence while your home or business is being treated.

As an insured homeowner, you have the responsibility to try and control further loss by reporting a mold damage claim as soon as possible. We can help you receive the best amount of compensation for your mold damage insurance claims.

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