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Your building or home’s roof is the most vital part of the building. It literally protects your home from all damages such as rain, snow, lightning, flying debris, animals and any other unwelcome intruders. When dealing with a roof claim there are many details that an adjuster has to be aware of the difference in materials and tools, how the roof is constructed, understanding the extent of short term and long term damage, and knowing how to correctly document the damage and associated damage. We are experienced in roof claims and we will make our best to get you the maximum coverage for your damages.

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You may have a roof leak insurance claim. Do not assume that your roof leak originated from an aged roof. Many roof leaks that are caused by a storm, lightning, or wind events are covered under many policies.

It’s important not to repair the damage until we inspect, measure and photograph the inside and outside damage. The Adjuster assigned to your case from your insurance company needs to look at the damage as well. They have the right to inspect, measure and photograph the damage as we did. They will do it in a very reasonable period of time.

If you think you have had roof leak or roof damage from hail or wind damage contact us, and we will get our roofers, engineers and experts to determine what damage has occurred. We will fight for the best settlement permitted under your homeowner policy.

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